Radion Aminov – Three High-Powered Jobs for Finance Majors

Radion Aminov became the CFO of the World Funding Company in New York City at age 33 with a little luck, considerable skill, and a Finance degree from New York University. After spending a few years working on Wall Street for various investment firms and banks, Aminov was contacted by a few of his former classmates at NYU who offered him a position at their company. Today, he works with small businesses in New York to help them get the capital they need to build and be successful. Here are three highly lucrative jobs that Finance majors can get after they earn their degree:

Financial analyst. These professionals help businesses and individuals make investment decisions. There are several titles for these kinds of positions, from portfolio manager, pricing analyst, or finance analyst. Radion Aminov worked in this position for a short time on Wall Street.

Financial Manager. Usually these positions are reserved for experienced financial analysts who have proven themselves. Companies typically hire financial managers to prepare financial statements, reviewing financial documents and reports, and overseeing company investments.

Personal Financial Advisor. These professionals are financial investment advisors strictly for individuals. Radion Aminov likely could have made it in this field if he didn’t choose to become the CFO of the World Funding Company.

Radion Aminov uses the full range of his abilities and skills that he developed as a Finance major at NYU in his everyday job with the World Funding Company at its offices in New York.


Author: Radion Aminov

Radion Aminov became the Chief Financial Officer of World Funding Company, a funding company based in New York. World Funding Company is a small outfit, helping small businesses come up with the capital they need to start operations in local neighborhoods. One of the struggles that Aminov has had to deal with as the company has grown is the balance between expanding to new markets while still making their original stakeholders and customers happy.