Radion Aminov – Three Main Types of Investment Firms

Radion Aminov works for an investment firm, the World Funding Company, that doesn’t easily fit into any of the three main types of investment firms that comprise most of the funding companies around the world. Aminov wanted to work with a different kind of investment company that works to broaden the prospects of small businesses and help them expand. Rather than strictly examining the profit-loss potential of these businesses, the World Funding Company sees the vision behind them and works with them to visualize their goals and potential. Aside from the World Funding Company, here are three main types of investment firms:

  • Open-End Management Investment Companies. These companies usually deal in mutual funds, or pools of money from a group of investors to purchase securities. Radion Aminov has experience working with these companies from his background on Wall Street.
  • Closed-End Management Investment Companies. Closed-ended funds are collective investment models based on issuing a number of shares that are not able to be redeemed from the fund. These shares are not created by managers to meet the demand from investors.
  • Unit Investment Trusts. These trusts are forms of mutual funds traded on the exchange and offering a fixed portfolio of securities that have a fixed and definite life. Radion Aminov also has experience dealing with these trusts.

Radion Aminov wanted to be a part of a different kind of investment company, so he joined the World Funding Company. He believes that the company’s work has the power to positively influence the lives of not only the investors and business owners it works with, but also the wider communities of New York City.



Author: Radion Aminov

Radion Aminov became the Chief Financial Officer of World Funding Company, a funding company based in New York. World Funding Company is a small outfit, helping small businesses come up with the capital they need to start operations in local neighborhoods. One of the struggles that Aminov has had to deal with as the company has grown is the balance between expanding to new markets while still making their original stakeholders and customers happy.