Radion Aminov – Ways to Exercise as a Family

Radion Aminov, like many other parents, has taken time to find and incorporate fitness into the lives of his family members. More and more parents are turning to fitness to not only make exercising a regular part of the family’s routine, but to also create quality time for parents and children to spend together in a healthy environment.

Getting kids off the couch or away from their digital device is a challenge for modern parents. Those moms and dad who want to see their kids moving more can start the process by modeling for their children. Some families decide to make one night a week a sports night, integrating card or board games with exercise. Other families may make walking the dog a group activity every morning or evening, or make everyday outdoor activities – like gardening or yard work – fun and kid-oriented. Walks before or after dinner can help digestion as well as provide valuable time for family bonding.

Many parents, like Radion Aminov, strive to find creative ways to integrate exercise into their family’s daily lives. Having dance parties or making household chores fun and competitive can help children associate exercise with enjoyment. Parents can also incorporate exercise into everyday occurrences, like grocery shopping or walking the kids to school. Parents can even turn couch time into exercise time by encouraging their children to exercise during commercial breaks. Sit-ups, push-ups, or squats can be renamed in accord with the show the kids are watching to make the workout quick, fun, and encouraging for kids.


Author: Radion Aminov

Radion Aminov became the Chief Financial Officer of World Funding Company, a funding company based in New York. World Funding Company is a small outfit, helping small businesses come up with the capital they need to start operations in local neighborhoods. One of the struggles that Aminov has had to deal with as the company has grown is the balance between expanding to new markets while still making their original stakeholders and customers happy.