Radion Aminov – Biking Street Code for NYC

Avid bikers like Radion Aminov need to be familiar with the street code for cyclists in New York City. Because cyclists are the fastest growing commuter group in the city, it’s extremely important that all bikers know the rules of the road, for their protection as well as the safety of others using the road.

Cyclists are often at the mercy of traffic, but pedestrians can often be the victims of bikers who aren’t adhering to road rules. Pedestrians must always be given the right of way, and crosswalks should be kept free for safe walking. Cyclists should stay in the bike lane, and not on the sidewalk. Aside from sharing the road with pedestrians, cyclists also have to abide by general traffic regulations. Bikers should ride in the direction of traffic to keep matters safer for everyone on the street. Speeding through intersections can cause accidents of all kinds; instead, cyclists should stop at red lights.

Radion Aminov and other cyclists in New York City also know the importance of being seen and heard on a bike. Cyclists should affix front and rear lights to their bikes; not only does that make the bike more visible to others on the road, but the lights also assist the cyclist in seeing the road before him. A bell can be attached to the handlebars of a bike for cyclists to announce their presence to passersby. Helmets are also an important safety measure that all bikers should have for their own protection in case of accident.



Author: Radion Aminov

Radion Aminov became the Chief Financial Officer of World Funding Company, a funding company based in New York. World Funding Company is a small outfit, helping small businesses come up with the capital they need to start operations in local neighborhoods. One of the struggles that Aminov has had to deal with as the company has grown is the balance between expanding to new markets while still making their original stakeholders and customers happy.