Radion Aminov – How Some Small Business Receive Funding

Radion Aminov is a high accomplished professional in the financial industry who has earned recognition for his contributions to numerous small businesses, organizations, government agencies, and other entities as a leader and innovator. He is the Chief Financial Officer of the World Funding Company, which is based in New York City (NYC), NY.

He has handled countless projects wherein he has provided his deep knowledge and experience in analysis, budgeting, compliance, and risk management towards the successful expansion of numerous entities.

When it comes to funding, there are many aspects that may benefit from the assistance of professionals such

Funding for small businesses or startups is commonly gained from methods that include the following:

  • Grants: This type of funding is most often provided to charitable and not-for-profit organizations. Grants do not require repayment, nor do they cost one shares of equity in one’s company.
  • Venture Capitalists: Generally, these investment groups make significant equity investments in high-growth start-ups in order to recoup much more than what their original investment was.
  • Loans: While they need to be repaid with interest, loans can come in handy when in a crunch to gain capital. They may be derived from the public sector, as well as banks.
  • Tax Credit: Gaining capital through tax credits is possible for qualified businesses. In rare cases, companies who qualify for tax credit are able to resell their credit for cash.

Radion Aminov is a graduate of the Stern School at New York University and a is member of the Association for Financial Professionals.


Radion Aminov – Three Financial Tips that go Underutilized

Radion Aminov works as the CFO of the investment firm the World Funding Company. He has experience managing personal finances, making stock deals, and managing investments on behalf of companies. Aminov believes that most people in the United States are making mistakes when handling their finances. He has tried to correct them on an individual basis, and he sees the most common mistakes all too often even as the CFO of a rising investment firm. Aminov has these three financial tips that too many individuals and families in the US overlook:

Plan for taxes early. Radion Aminov has seen many clients that have to make regular payments to the IRS for their small businesses or their self-employment wait until the last minute to pay them, leaving them in the lurch for too long before and after the payment due date. Make your Estimated Tax Payments on time and save for them long before you have to write a check or pay online.

Use your savings account. Many people like the idea of saving money but they don’t know how to do it properly. By at least putting money aside in another account, according to Radion Aminov, you can see what you have and how much you need to meet your needs.

Not paying for help. When your personal finances reach a certain point, it actually makes more sense to pay for a fancy accountant or financial advisor. Don’t be afraid of the fees you’re paying these professionals because in most cases, they are actually helping you save money.

Radion Aminov lives in Manhattan with his wife and two daughters.


Radion Aminov – Three Main Types of Investment Firms

Radion Aminov works for an investment firm, the World Funding Company, that doesn’t easily fit into any of the three main types of investment firms that comprise most of the funding companies around the world. Aminov wanted to work with a different kind of investment company that works to broaden the prospects of small businesses and help them expand. Rather than strictly examining the profit-loss potential of these businesses, the World Funding Company sees the vision behind them and works with them to visualize their goals and potential. Aside from the World Funding Company, here are three main types of investment firms:

  • Open-End Management Investment Companies. These companies usually deal in mutual funds, or pools of money from a group of investors to purchase securities. Radion Aminov has experience working with these companies from his background on Wall Street.
  • Closed-End Management Investment Companies. Closed-ended funds are collective investment models based on issuing a number of shares that are not able to be redeemed from the fund. These shares are not created by managers to meet the demand from investors.
  • Unit Investment Trusts. These trusts are forms of mutual funds traded on the exchange and offering a fixed portfolio of securities that have a fixed and definite life. Radion Aminov also has experience dealing with these trusts.

Radion Aminov wanted to be a part of a different kind of investment company, so he joined the World Funding Company. He believes that the company’s work has the power to positively influence the lives of not only the investors and business owners it works with, but also the wider communities of New York City.


Radion Aminov – The Essential Functions of a Chief Financial Officer

Radion Aminov is the Chief Financial Officer for the investment firm the World Funding Company. Aminov guides the company in making the best possible investments not only for investors but also for the small businesses getting the funding as well. These small businesses rely on their relationships with the World Funding Company and Aminov to get the funding they need to run their operations and provide the public with their essential products and services. Aminov became the Chief Financial Officer of the World Funding Company without truly knowing all of the responsibilities of a CFO. He was only 32 at the time, after all. However, he quickly learned the essential functions of a Chief Financial Officer.

The duties of Chief Financial Officers differ from business to business, but in the case of Radion Aminov, the CFO of an investment firm, his job is to manage the firm’s various investments in small businesses all over the New York City area and manage his staff to give their investors the status of their investments. Radion Aminov runs the financial information department of the company, providing analysis and reports on the latest investment returns from various moves in many markets. CFOs manage their company’s finances and information to relay it to investors and other stakeholders so that they can create opportunities for further expansion and the penetration of new markets.

Radion Aminov performs his duties as CFO with relish for the World Funding Company because he is helping small businesses all over the city get the investments they need to grow and help their communities throughout New York City.


Radion Aminov – Three High-Powered Jobs for Finance Majors

Radion Aminov became the CFO of the World Funding Company in New York City at age 33 with a little luck, considerable skill, and a Finance degree from New York University. After spending a few years working on Wall Street for various investment firms and banks, Aminov was contacted by a few of his former classmates at NYU who offered him a position at their company. Today, he works with small businesses in New York to help them get the capital they need to build and be successful. Here are three highly lucrative jobs that Finance majors can get after they earn their degree:

Financial analyst. These professionals help businesses and individuals make investment decisions. There are several titles for these kinds of positions, from portfolio manager, pricing analyst, or finance analyst. Radion Aminov worked in this position for a short time on Wall Street.

Financial Manager. Usually these positions are reserved for experienced financial analysts who have proven themselves. Companies typically hire financial managers to prepare financial statements, reviewing financial documents and reports, and overseeing company investments.

Personal Financial Advisor. These professionals are financial investment advisors strictly for individuals. Radion Aminov likely could have made it in this field if he didn’t choose to become the CFO of the World Funding Company.

Radion Aminov uses the full range of his abilities and skills that he developed as a Finance major at NYU in his everyday job with the World Funding Company at its offices in New York.