Radion Aminov – Tips for Traveling with Kids

Radion Aminov is a high accomplished finance executive who lives in New York City (NYC), New York. He is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the World Funding Company, which is headquartered in NYC. When not at the office, he enjoys nothing more than participating in a variety of activities with his family, especially travel. As a family, they enjoy taking trips to locations near and far from their home in the bustling metropolis of NYC.

This coming summer, Aminov will be going on his first trip overseas since becoming the CFO of the World Funding Company. While he and his wife have been to Egypt, their upcoming summer excursion there will be the first ever desert vacation for their two children.

When traveling with children, it may be helpful to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Ensure safety: Make sure that your children have their phone numbers (including contact info for relatives and other close family relations) on hand in case of an emergency. It may also be advisable to copy their photo identification cards in case important paperwork that includes identification details get lost during your trip.
  • Provide Distractions: If you’re planning a trip, especially a long journey overseas, it may be helpful to bring toys such as video games and other devices to keep your children entertained during the entirety of the trip.
  • Discover: Allow your children to help you discover the many aspects of the destination(s) that you embark on during your trip.

Radion Aminov recently spent a summer hiking the Appalachian Trail with his wife Kate and their two young daughters.