Radion Aminov – The Essential Functions of a Chief Financial Officer

Radion Aminov is the Chief Financial Officer for the investment firm the World Funding Company. Aminov guides the company in making the best possible investments not only for investors but also for the small businesses getting the funding as well. These small businesses rely on their relationships with the World Funding Company and Aminov to get the funding they need to run their operations and provide the public with their essential products and services. Aminov became the Chief Financial Officer of the World Funding Company without truly knowing all of the responsibilities of a CFO. He was only 32 at the time, after all. However, he quickly learned the essential functions of a Chief Financial Officer.

The duties of Chief Financial Officers differ from business to business, but in the case of Radion Aminov, the CFO of an investment firm, his job is to manage the firm’s various investments in small businesses all over the New York City area and manage his staff to give their investors the status of their investments. Radion Aminov runs the financial information department of the company, providing analysis and reports on the latest investment returns from various moves in many markets. CFOs manage their company’s finances and information to relay it to investors and other stakeholders so that they can create opportunities for further expansion and the penetration of new markets.

Radion Aminov performs his duties as CFO with relish for the World Funding Company because he is helping small businesses all over the city get the investments they need to grow and help their communities throughout New York City.



Author: Radion Aminov

Radion Aminov became the Chief Financial Officer of World Funding Company, a funding company based in New York. World Funding Company is a small outfit, helping small businesses come up with the capital they need to start operations in local neighborhoods. One of the struggles that Aminov has had to deal with as the company has grown is the balance between expanding to new markets while still making their original stakeholders and customers happy.